Common Questions & Answers

1. Is my 2016 scholarship donation tax deductible?

Unfortunately donations made directly to UMBA, instead of the Utah Minority Bar Foundation, are not tax deductible. We anticipate having the Foundation up and running for the 2017 scholarship cycle so that you may claim the deduction in 2018.

2. Do I have to be a member of a racial or ethnic minority to participate in UMBA?

No! You can be white and still be a member of UMBA. UMBA needs allies to fulfill our mission and we welcome Utah attorneys who support our cause. 

3. Why is there a catch-all organization for diverse attorneys instead of bar associations for individual ethnic enclaves (e.g., Hispanic Bar Association, Asian Bar Association, etc.)?

We believe in the power of unity in diversity and the impact of collective power. Many of the same issues affect attorneys and community members from all backgrounds. 

4. How do I become involved?

If you are an attorney, please message Michelle Kennedy at for information on committees and chairs. If you are a community member, we welcome your support but cannot dispense legal advice.

5. Do you provide legal services?

UMBA is not a firm and does not offer legal services. However, by filling out our contact form, we may be able to refer you to an UMBA member in the practice area in which you need assistance. Please contact the Utah State Bar for attorney referrals.

6. How do you pronounce UMBA?

"OOO-mba," which rhymes with the character Pumbaa from The Lion King.